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The experience they give is not affected by any experience multiplier other than the urn enhancer. Unlike transporting a body, a funeral home doesn’t have to be involved in the repatriation of ashes. Rather, church authorities should designate a sacred place, such as a cemetery or church area, to hold them. In the unlikely event it is not, we offer a free colour exchange too.

In Florida, unlike some other states, there are not any state laws that restrict where you can scatter or keep ashes. It is our mission to make sure you cherish your new cremation diamond while having peace of mind about its quality and authenticity. We offer for the benefit of our readers a reply on this important subject from the Questions & Answers section of The Angelus magazine. The bereaved are not only taking care of the deceased and the remains in their practices, but also in the decision-making processes that occur before people remove the ashes from the crematorium: I don’t want to keep him in an urn with me … And my husband was a walker. [So I have decided] to scatter him in the park, close to the woods, so he can keep on walking there. Second best cat is buried in the front garden, dh never thought to ask about cremation for some reason and once he came home with him it seemed wrong to send him off again.

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Cremated remains (ashes) can vary in amount due to different cremation processes, temperature variations and the bone structure of the decedent. Cremation has been permitted in the Catholic Church since 1963, but many Catholics don’t know there are also many rules surrounding the choice. Through extensive research performed by an independent lab, we learned that burying ashes in concentrated amounts will have harmful effects on the environment. This is a popular option for many people, religious or not. For burials at sea in Scotland contact the Burial, Cremation and Death Certification team.

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Would you rather be buried or cremated after life? Or what about dissolved in water? That’s the practice at Tranquility

A Better Way of Burying Ashes We understood the appeal of burying ashes. Some people suggest a cremation is not correct based upon religious choices, but the majority of religions fully accept the use of cremation as a final goodbye to a person’s body after their experiences on earth. It seems like such a perfect way to return your loved ones to nature.

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